Our story

We are Stefania’s parents, she is our 1 year and 3 months old daughter diagnosed with bilateral nephroblastoma blastemal predominant (malignant kidney tumor bilateral with high-degree risk III – multiplecancer formations on both kidneys).

We hereby turn to your kindness to save our daughter’s life.

At the age of 10 months, on April 30th, 2011, at a routine medical check the doctor found something tangible to the left side. In the first phase the doctor in Bacau, where in fact we live, thought it was enlarged spleen and wanted to see an ultrasound. At the ultrasound analysis was found that the kidneys are enlarged with multiple formations thereon. From Bacau the doctor sent us to Iasi where we made a series of tests, ultrasound, CT (computed tomography), and biopsy and the final diagnosis was bilateral nodular renal tumors, namely bilateral nephroblastoma blastemal predominant.

We decided to start chemotherapy on May 19th, 2011 at Iasi. At Iasi we were told that they haven’t had any case like ours and then we continued treatment at the Oncological Institute Cluj-Napoca.

We executed the preoperative chemotherapy protocol and when we made a new CT after treatment, doctors concluded that this is a new case for them too. Our daughter’s case is atypical, wondering how come she has such a good renal function with so many tumors in both kidneys. Tumors have also diminished, to various proportions, but our daughter cannot be operated yet.

Surgeons in the country with whom we spoke (in Cluj and Bucharest) said that the only thing they can do is to remove the kidneys. Removal of both kidneys requires dialysis until a transplant that can be done, which could be achieved only after at least 2 years after chemotherapy (which will not end with surgery), because there must exist in the body no cancer cells in order to make the transplant. During this period we should do dialysis.

Moreover doctors in the country think that if we come to depend on dialysis from such an early age (until the age of 2), the girl will not physically resist the process. Doctors advise to continue chemotherapy until she no longer responds to treatment and then very quickly intervene surgically. The girl being so young of age the risks of surgery are very high and lack of performance equipment in Romania can put her life in danger.

Due to so unsatisfactory news from the surgeon doctors in the country we have also contacted the doctors abroad, contacting several clinics in Italy, Austria and Turkey.

A first response came from Italy, informing us that at this point they could save a part of the right kidney of the girl, but the chances of saving even one or both kidneys may increase if she continues to respond to the treatment.

The operation in Italy costs EUR 22.800 (although, at first, we were told by the clinic administration that the amount needed for the surgery would be EUR 10.000, not having in mind then that will be required two surgeries, one for each kidney separately), money we do not afford from child allowance and my husband’s salary of RON 800 per month.

A bank loan is out of the question because we no longer fit due to the fact that we have already a bank rate of EUR 120 per month and related expenses and with dependent child, and one of the drugs used in current treatment is purchased by us, the medicine being no longer imported in Romania.

In desperation to save our girl we call to your and others’ goodwill and support to raise the amount of money necessary for the surgery.

In case you cannot help us financially, please send our desperate call to others to spread our case, in the hope that, little by little, we can help Stefania to give her a chance to childhood, to life.

For any questions or information please contact us by phone: 0745 956 766 – Mirela or 0742 018847 – Lawrence or by e-mail: mirela_curbat@yahoo.com or curbat_laurentiu0742@yahoo.com

For any amount you can donate for Stefania we hereby enclose the accounts available:

 – RON

 – EUR

We deleted the donation accounts because some people used them to get money without our agreement.


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